Your pathway to accelerated Pharma digital transformation and business advantage

The New Pharma Digital TOOLKIT provides a complete IT Support Services Solution for an agile IT infrastructure, regulatory compliance and competitive edge: allowing you to  optimise and accelerate the digital journey you have already started  for immediate impact on the bottom line and for longer-term success: 

→ Build digital resilience and flexibility into your IT infrastructure to future-proof your business  

→ Ensure your IT is set up and managed in a secure and compliant way that supports the standards required of companies operating in the Pharma sector  

→ Use tools within your existing platform to develop cost and time-saving solutions and insights, designed around your business processes and goals

Epoq IT is a long-established expert in IT services, regulatory compliance solutions for the Pharma sector: we provide a simple and cost-effective digital pathway to success specifically for Pharma companies including

  • Medical Supplies   
  • Marketing & Market Research 
  • Life sciences & Laboratories
  • Pharmaceuticals  
  • Healthcare Providers  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Distribution  
  • Healthcare & Medical Communications Agencies  
  • Food Science   
  • Pet Science  
  • Agri-tech  
  • Vaccine and Medicine Control Testing  

The Pharma Digital TOOLKIT is designed to deliver results fast for businesses in a sector. where data confidentiality and adherence to MHRA standards are mission-critical 

One of the biggest barriers to digital transformation is the misconception that expensive new systems or long-winded consultations are required to set up a secure and effective remote working infrastructure. Rapid, effective digital transformation is possible – and it can be done using much of the technology you already have in place, with view to optimising value and performance. 

Sample Services 

  1. Smart licencing to reduce recurring costs. 
  2. Secure and cost-effective video conferencing . 
  3. Robust data sharing strategies in place for processing and exchanging sensitive and regulated information, delivering fast and effective SharePoint and G-Suite projects.  
  4. Remote server virtualisation service that enables you to easily move your IT infrastructure into the cloud. 


Remote working has led many Pharma companies to adopt new digital solutions: meaning that sensitive business data is suddenly flowing outside of the controlled business network and the sector has become a target for an increasing number of cyber attacks.  

Our Pharma Toolkit services minimise risk and achieve regulatory compliance: 

  1.  Our expert Security and Infrastructure Assessment, specific to Pharma companies, ensures you are audit ready. 
  2. Our specialist CIO (Chief Information Officer) service is available to help you develop the policies, training and procedures needed to minimise risks and meet MHRA regulatory standards, and develop robust business continuity plans. 
  3. Cyber Essentials fast track. Gaining this certification is a proven way for Pharma companies to demonstrate their security credentials. 


Using standard Office development tools to better effect can have a major impact on how able your business is to respond to new market challenges 

  1. Develop simple yet highly effective reporting interfaces, with the ability to drill down on key issues from a single overview dashboard. 
  2. Custom automation solutions that can be easily implemented to drive efficiency, saving time and money. 
  3. A highly targeted and actionable digital action plan that is fast, efficient and fully integrated. 


Pharma Digital Toolkit Expert Workshop 

As part of the Pharma Digital Toolkit offer, we provide a complimentary 2-hour interactive session, normally costing £500, to explore and prioritise the digital challenges and opportunities open to your business right now. At the end of the review you will receive a comprehensive free report addressing your stated business needs. Take advantage of a Pharma specific review with a firm focus on both digital agility and in-built regulatory compliance. 

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Technology Management Packages
Our team has specially developed a range of support solutions to help our customers recognise the strategic advantages surrounding their IT infrastructure.
  • Complete compliance & cyber security solutions for SMEs
  • Comprehensive back-up against fire, flood, disaster & misc events
  • One clear view gives you actionable business insights into IT performance
  • Expertise in IT planning, projects and compliance. MyCIO provides ...

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