One clear view of your IT infrastructure enables you to make better business decisions

My Insights business intelligence helps you ensure that your outsourced IT support services are delivering value for money; and informs the strategic IT investment decisions that management must take to protect and grow their business long term.

My Insights combines application and vendor-specific reporting to provide a single, transparent view of how effectively Managed IT Services are being delivered against agreed Service Level KPIs.

My Insights business intelligence also helps MDs and CEOs keep tabs on how servers and workstations, security services, business continuity services and gateway protection services are performing benchmarked against best practice-based industry standards.

Developed by Epoq IT using Microsoft Power BI, My Insights has a customisable ‘traffic light’ dashboard that enables management to drill down into ‘red flag’ issues in an instant. So you can easily spot, for example, the risk of data loss or unplanned downtime posed by lack of server space; or exposure to reputational damage and compliance breeches caused by laptops that are not fully encrypted. 

In addition, the top-level view provided by My Insights highlights hidden costs, such as unneeded or under-used resources or the negative impact on business efficiency caused by aging IT infrastructure.

“We have been using My Insights for just 6 months and already we have seen real benefits from its clear and concise reporting. In a single format we can see exactly how each element of our Managed IT Support is performing, and forward-plan required IT expenditure accurately – even years ahead. 

My Insights makes it so simple to home in on key indicators and, at a glance allows us to identify areas where we are at potential risk of falling below the high standards we strive to maintain. Having this data in an easy to read format that can be interrogated means making a judgement about where our business priorities lie is much easier and quicker. I cannot recommend Epoq’s new technology more highly.”

David Burton,
Director, World Wise Foods


Technology Management Packages
Our team has specially developed a range of support solutions to help our customers recognise the strategic advantages surrounding their IT infrastructure.
  • Flexible support solutions that keep your IT set up in top
  • Complete compliance & cyber security solutions for SMEs
  • Comprehensive back-up against fire, flood, disaster & misc events
  • Expertise in IT planning, projects and compliance. MyCIO provides ...

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