In today’s fast-moving digital landscape, your business will substantially benefit from the services of a seasoned CIO on a flexible part-time basis at a cost you can afford.

Making the right decisions around technology has never been more important. Yet in many cases, small and medium sized organisations are not able to justify the high costs associated with employing a Chief Information Officer, with the required skills and sector experience to understand and deliver effective IT strategy. My CIO – available as an in-person or virtual service – gives you the ability to examine potential strategic advantages and answer questions such as:

  • How vulnerable is our company to cyber crime?
  • Where is our data held and who has access to it?
  • Are we GDPR compliant?
  • How long would it take to recover our IT systems in the event of a problem, and what are the financial risks or structural stability to our business?
  • Is everything documented for a regulatory inspection?
  • How can technology successfully facilitate our businesses growth?
  • How much do we spend on IT, what are we spending it on and are we getting value for money?

My CIO provides a methodology that brings clarity and control of IT back to your business in the most effective way.

A suite of measures that manage and support the technology and gives you more direction over spend, security and compliance.

  • Outsourced, cost effective and flexible virtual CIO service
  • Highly experienced consultants skilled in working with small and medium sized businesses
  • A Business IT assessment audit and presentation to key stakeholder to deliver findings:  current cyber security position, current disaster recover position, regulatory compliance position on IT systems, overall effectiveness and value for money.
  • Monthly Business issue management workshops, completely tailored to your needs that could include managing the firm’s risk around cyber crime, identity theft, money laundering, preparing IT systems for a regulatory inspection, planning a new practice management software implementation, planning a new office or office move, preparing for GDPR, integrating IT systems post M&A and cloud computing for law firms
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • A dashboard to keep key stakeholders abreast of current IT status from a compliance and commercial perspective
  • Specially packaged to be affordable for SMB’s based on monthly subscription
Special Offer – Free CIO Workshop

How can companies best use their resources to ensure business continuity and gain competitive advantage? How can you use everyday technology to achieve your goals?


Epoq’s response is fast and effective, understanding the needs and demands of our business and the importance of uptime on all aspects of our reactive service business systems. Their methodical approach to incorporating new technologies into our business has delivered smooth implementation and integration into our organization. All the staff are professional and patient with all queries both on-site and on the phone.

Robert Ward
UK Operations & Coffee Specialist, Gruppo Cimbali SpA
Technology Management Packages
Our team has specially developed a range of support solutions to help our customers recognise the strategic advantages surrounding their IT infrastructure.
  • Complete compliance & cyber security solutions for SMEs
  • Comprehensive back-up against fire, flood, disaster & misc events
  • Flexible support solutions that keep your IT set up in top

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