We offer business owners and directors the specialist support they need around the wide-ranging complexities of IT risk management and disaster recovery.

The scale of cyber security threats, IT failures and downtime means that IT risk management is a pivotal part of any firm’s armory for avoiding potential financial, compliance and reputation implications. Successful risk management includes a combination of cyber security, incident planning and disaster recovery for maximum effectiveness.

The optimum solution involves an integrated suite of measures that cover policies, technologies, hardware, software, cloud services and training.
  • Ultimate disaster recovery protection for small and medium sized businesses
  • Designed to meet compliance around disaster recovery
  • Supports GDPR compliance
  • Works with any network infrastructure
  • Fully tailored to incorporate your company policies
  • Fully managed, constantly updated, regularly tested
  • Specially packaged to be affordable for SMB’s based on monthly subscription

Our expert team will undertake a ‘business IT assessment’ around business continuity and disaster recovery to provide a straightforward, visual report that highlights your priority requirements and design a bespoke solution with your input.

What could be included:
  • State-of-the-art business continuity solution
  • Disaster recovery plan creation and management
  • Managed device and Office 365 backup solutions

Discover more about the benefits of cloud backup

We have used Epoq for our IT support for a number of years. They have been involved in our maintenance of our system from two separate offices, together with advising on regular updates for both hardware and software. They have also been involved in budgeting for additional IT equipment over the years. We have always found them to be conscientious and reliable with a quick response time when problems occur.

Malcolm Kempton
Managing Director, Kempton Carr Croft
Technology Management Packages
Our team has specially developed a range of support solutions to help our customers recognise the strategic advantages surrounding their IT infrastructure.
  • Complete compliance & cyber security solutions for SMEs
  • Flexible support solutions that keep your IT set up in top
  • Expertise in IT planning, projects and compliance. MyCIO provides ...