What are Digital Transformation Services?

Rapid changes in working norms have been driven by the pandemic. With around 50% of employees working from home for the foreseeable, many companies are focusing on how best to transform short-term measures into business-class communication and collaboration – which means quickly deciding how capitalise on your digital transition gains to date to stay competitive in the longer term.

Epoq IT’s Sringboard Service provides a unique package of measures to help business leaders, who are currently focused on stabilising their operations, to make smart digital adjustments – steps that will make an immediate impact on the bottom line while protecting mission-critical IT resilience.
More than that, and just as crucial, Springboard will help ensure your readiness to leap out of lockdown and land on the front foot when the time comes.

Springboard Service supports your digital transformation journey by helping you to:

  • Optimise and save Now
  • Digitally future-proof your business Next
  • Start now at low or no cost

Key Highlights

Epoq IT supports your business by providing important services now, when they are most needed, with no upfront charges and in some instances, free of charge, and thereafter at a low and staged cost. We offer:



3-point bridging plan that ensures you optimise your IT infrastructure for the here and now, while saving costs


Underpinning the digital agility you’ve already gained with firm and flexible foundations for the road ahead. Reviewing processes and recommending tools that will make your business leaner, fitter and ready for the fightback when it comes.


Personalised and flexible service plans

Sample services:
  • Suspend your unused Office 365 licences to save costs
  • Book a complimentary virtual CIO workshop for digital insights and action planning
  • Infrastructure virtualisation to maximise workforce flexibility and reduce office overheads
  • Standardising collaboration tools for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Ensuring platforms and processes meet data protection and compliance standards
  • Data sharing strategies to transform seamless location-independent working
  • Customisations to increase resilience, save time and provide competitive advantage


Let’s start the digital conversation

If you are currently nearing the end of an existing IT Services Contract, or simply require additional expertise to help you optimise your IT infrastructure in turbulent times, this service is designed to deliver fast – with a firm eye on optimising your IT set up for the future too. We offer selected free services, deferred terms and value monthly service plans. Call us now on 01494 976939 to find out more.

Technology Management Packages
Our team has specially developed a range of support solutions to help our customers recognise the strategic advantages surrounding their IT infrastructure.
  • Flexible support solutions that keep your IT set up in top
  • Expertise in IT planning, projects and compliance. MyCIO provides ...
  • Comprehensive back-up against fire, flood, disaster & misc events
  • Digitally transform your business for highly effective home working

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