Global Infusion Group (GIG) is a global catering, logistics, and brand support company with 35 years’ experience across the globe.

Global Infusion Group (GIG) updates its IT infrastucture to support global growth. A live event support specialist, with offices & facilities in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East in addition to an extensive network of partners and suppliers

The challenge

Global Infusion Group are heavily reliant on IT to keep their operations running smoothly. Minimal downtime for its multiple locations and remote workers is critical.

Global Infusion Group were looking to upgrade their ageing infrastructure to give them confidence that they could continue operating.

The solution

Epoq IT looked at bringing Global Infusions ageing infrastructure up to date by starting with their business continuity and implementing our My Recovery solution.

  • We implemented a hybrid cloud and on-premise backup and continuity solution to keep the ’lights on’
  • When their ageing servers failed, we were able to run their entire operation from the cloud whilst we replaced the faulty hardware, meaning no lost revenues for the customer.
  • We monitor and fully manage the solution to ensure its continuously tested, resulting in the assurance that we can restore data and keep servers running when needed.
  • State of the art solution to replace archaic tapes, saving on human interaction and deterioration to reduce restoration issues, lost data and costly downtime.

The benefits

  • Tried and tested – the solution quickly proved its worth and offered immediate return on investment keeping the global operations running during the disaster
  • Protects against data loss, ransomware and mitigates the risks of disasters such as power outages and floods etc.
  • Worry free protection that’s fully backed up by Epoq IT’s specialists
Without Epoq IT’s involvement and their proactive action to implement the solution, we would have lost important data which would have resulted in financial loss. However, it was all recovered within hours. Thanks, Epoq IT
John Ford
Global Operations Director


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