Talent Tuesday is a yearly careers event run by the Buckinghamshire Skills Hub and this year over 150 visitors went along to explore potential career paths, just as Epoq’s Bethany did last year. But this time she was there as part of the Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (YAAN) supporting the event and engaging with the students to help promote the growing path of apprenticeships.

One of five enthusiastic Ambassadors, Bethany stood up in front of an audience for the first time to share her experience of her apprenticeship journey to inspire young students to consider apprenticeships as a positive career move.



Epoq IT’s Managing Director Gary Swanwick has attended the Talent Tuesday event for the last 2 years and found it very useful to meet people like Bethany who genuinely wanted to become an apprentice. He said “I started in IT as an apprentice so I know it’s a proven route into such a career. Bethany has fitted in nicely with the rest of her team and has provided true value and assistance to her colleagues.”

Bethany started the Level 3 IT apprenticeship alongside her job of Junior Service Desk Analyst. Whilst assisting Epoq’s customers on the Service Desk, she takes 2 mornings a week to do her apprenticeship lessons and complete projects and coursework. “The benefits of being an apprentice are that you can work whilst learning, get paid to do something you love and the NUS card of course! Go outside your comfort zone, enjoy your time and learn lots” Good advice from Bethany there.

And as her apprenticeship draws to a close, being an Apprenticeship Ambassador allows her to continue to make sure young people are represented in local apprenticeship and skills initiatives and support national apprenticeship campaigns on behalf of the Buckinghamshire Skills Hub.

Well done Bethany!


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